Tips from Totally Skin and Beauty on Healthy Fingernails

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Before you get out to look for best nails Salon in Melbourne specialists around you, keep in mind that the end results are determined by your efforts too. The specialists got only a few hours to work on you, but you got all the hours and days to look after yourself and take care of the nails. Are you doing so? If not, don’t expect magic from the specialists in a few hours. It is only your effort that will see positive end results that will make your nails appear beautiful once worked on. Irrespective of the services you are paying for, nothing good will come out of it. Follow these tips from the best nails Salon in Melbourne experts to ensure clean and healthy nails at all times to achieve the beauty you looking for;

  1. Avoid the habit of peeling, picking and biting your nails. Although most of us unknowingly do it, it is a bad habit that will only leave you with shapeless ugly nails. The bites expose your nails to various fungi’s and bacteria that will cause infections with the continued practice. You are likely to blame the last nail specialist who worked on you, but you are the cause of the problems affecting you. Always clean them often to get rid of dirt, dead skin and bacterias underneath. You may add sugar and olive oil to keep your hands clean, soft and enhance blood circulation in your hands.

  2. Secondly, always moisturize your hands with a moisturizer that will feed your nails adequate moisture. This prevents hangnails as your hands remain soft as they are hydrated at all times that will make them even grow faster. At the comfort of your home, consider coconut or olive oil if you can’t afford a recommended moisturizer. Never pull off hangnails as you are distorting the healthy tissue likely to cause infections to your nails.

  3. Thirdly, experts at recommend keeping your nails dry. Don’t confuse keeping them moisturized and wet because they are two different things. This is because excess moisture causes splits and that’s why it’s recommended to wear gloves when washing your dishes or cleaning the sinks and tubs. During cleaning, there are chemicals you encounter that may harm your nails. Wearing gloves may prevent you from this injury.

  4. Lastly, opt for clear nail polish if you have brittle nails because it will help them retain natural moisture in them. If you want thin nails, go for nail hardeners as they contain fibers that will get you the desired nails. This simple inputs will deliver remarkable results when handled by nail specialists now.


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