Tag My Friends – Easy as it is!

ftWith the ever increasing popularity of Facebook, there is one activity in particular that all users of Facebook use. If a Facebook user would want to spread some sort of post to someone and wants them to know of it in a short manner of time, they would usually tag them. Tagging your friends on Facebook is definitely a thing you should try if you want your friend to pay more attention to the post you want him to know of. Here are some of the things you should know about tagging and how one can tag my friends on Facebook.

Tag my Friends- How to Tag Friends on Facebook

Tagging your friends on Facebook is not a hard thing to do. In fact, tagging friends on Facebook is probably the easiest thing that you can do in Facebook. Automatically, by simply typing the name of the friend you want to tag on Facebook, you may be prompted to tag it. For example, if you type the first name of that friend then there will be a scroll down bar which will show the names of your friends which are linked to that particular name. Choose the right friend and he or she is tagged. Otherwise there is yet another option that you can take in tagging your friends. To tag your friends type “@”, which will be followed by the name of your friend. The bar will then appear. Choose the right friend and press enter and then it is done.

Tag my Friends- the Advantages and why you should consider it

Tagging your friends on Facebook comes with a lot of benefits as well as advantages that come with it. Basically, people tag their friends on Facebook with the goal of linking them to that particular post. If you post something on Facebook and you tag the name of your friend with it, other people will know that your friend has a connection to that particular post. Otherwise, it may be so that the person you tagged will receive a notification so that he would be able to notice the post faster and easier.

Now you know the answer on “how to tag my friends on Facebook”. Why don’t you go and try it right now. Spread the news to your friends or link them to one of your specific posts. If you want to do so, then you should tag your friends.

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