Obtaining a Student Visa Immigration Lawyer

canada-immigration-visitor-visa-1600x840As a foreigner looking to study in Canada, you will be required to have a student visa. This is the document that will allow you entry into the country and it will show that you will be going there to study. Without this document, it does not mater even if you have documents from your admitting school; you will not be allowed to get into the country. Follow the steps below to get the student visa:

Obtain an admission letter from the institution that you will be studying at.

After you have obtained your letter, select the study plan that you will be working with. There are an approved minimum number of hours per week that the study plan is supposed to have in line with the immigration policies. A good Student Visa Immigration lawyer can be able to advise you further on that. You need to make sure that the institution that you will be studying at offers the study plan that you have selected.

You will be required to demonstrate that you will be able to adhere to the course that you have selected; basically, you will be required to show that you have the financial resources to back your entire course.

You will need to put together all the required documents to show that you will not be depending on public funds for you education. Letters from sponsors and bank statements can work very well in this regard. It would also work very well for you if you have relatives or friends in Canada who will be willing to assist.

It would also be good for you to have a receipt from the institution that you will be studying at to show that you have paid the required fees in advance. If you can obtain this, make sure that you do; it will work much better for you especially in the event that you have received unconditional admittance from the institution.

Once you have gathered all that, you can begin the application process. Try and get a good Canadian Immigration Lawyer Ronen Kurzfeld to help you through the process.

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