How to Prepare for a 12 Panel Drug Test

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If you are worried that you may fail an upcoming 12 panel drug test; you have no reason to. Knowing when you will have a drug test is already a good tip to help you prepare and pass for the test. But how do you get prepared?

Keep off Drugs Days to the test

Starting with the most obvious tip, avoid using any drugs days before the test. Most drug tests only test for drugs consumed a few days prior to the test. That is a good thing for you if you have no plans of quitting the recreational drugs. However, modern drug tests have a 99% accuracy rate. Attempting to smoke or consume drugs too soon to the drug test will automatically lead to a positive test.

Take a Home test

If your drug test is so important to you, consider buying drug test kits to confirm your status before appearing for the official test. You can find a quality drug test kit locally at a pharmacy or order 12 panel drug test online at

But before you order the kits; do some research and learn what drugs are tested with the 12 panel drug test. Again, research more about your potential employer and learn what drugs they are mainly concerned about. After that, shop around for a quality drug test kit that you will be able to afford and carry out the test.

Prepare yourself mentally and physiologically

If you passed your home test, you probably shouldn’t worry anymore. However, it is important to get prepared mentally to reduce anxieties. For physically preparedness, drink water regularly until the drug testing day. Drink coffee and other antidiuretics to flush your body system before the drug test.

That’s it! With enough preparations, you will certainly pass the 12 panel drug test.

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